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Beecher Brown

For those of you who may not have met Beecher Brown, he is one of the kindest 19-year-olds that you will ever meet and has a huge heart for those less fortunate.  Beecher is also an incredibly fun and active young man that just completed his freshman year of college

On May 4, 2022, the night before heading home for the summer, he and his friends were taking one last walk around the campus. When passing the reflection pool in front of the library, they decided to go into the water, as many students do to celebrate finishing the school year.

Unfortunately, Beecher went into the water at an awkward angle and hit his head. This resulted in his being submerged underwater and unable to move.  At first, his friends thought he might be joking around. However, they soon realized he needed help when he did not come up for air.  Beecher’s friends pulled him out of the water and, although unknowingly at the time, literally saved his life. Sadly, Beecher had fractured several vertebrae from C2 through C7 that night. Of those vertebrae, his C6 was forced into his spinal cord which rendered him unable to move.

Thankfully, Beecher’s sister Rion, was not far away and was immediately notified by their mutual friends about what had occurred. She rushed to Greenville Memorial Hospital’s Trauma Unit to be by his side. Once she found out what had happened and was able to find out more information from the hospital staff, she called their parents, Brad and Stephanie, who quickly headed up to Greenville.

Once stabilized, Beecher was sent into surgery to relieve pressure on his spinal cord and support his vertebrae. The doctors had to permanently fuse his C3-T1 vertebrae using rods and screws. The doctors also found a slight fracture to C2 that they decided to let heal on its own. To ensure proper healing, Beecher now wears a C-collar for approximately 4-6 weeks.


Beecher continues his ICU and post-operative treatment at Greenville Memorial Hospital while overcoming challenge after challenge. He has persevered through multiple surgeries, pneumonia, intubations, pneumothoraces, chest tubes, painful breathing treatments, and a lack of sleep, among all the other things that come with an extended stay in the ICU.  Currently, Beecher has regained some feeling below his shoulders and is hopeful to be able to exit the ICU to a rehab facility that will give him a chance at an uncertain level of recovery.

While thankful for all of the medical treatment and progress made by Beecher thus far, the cost for these services are beginning to come due.  Moreover, the upcoming rehabilitation and eventual required home remodeling will also add to an extremely long list of debtors.

The unfortunate truth for Beecher and his family is that they do not have medical insurance to cover any of these upcoming expenses. State Medicaid can only scratch the surface of what will undoubtedly be a steep financial road that is currently estimated at $750,000 – $1,000,000+.
The Brown family has chosen Triumph Over Tragedy to manage the collection of all donations while also providing a tax benefit to anyone that contributes to this fundraising effort.  100% of all funds received will be sent to the medical caregivers on behalf of the Brown family.  We are hopeful that through the word of mouth and social media that anyone with the ability and willingness to donate as little or as much as desired will do so as soon as possible.  The Browns would like to thank each of you for your time and consideration in making a donation.


A Message from Beecher Brown’s parents, Stephanie and Brad

Thanks so much for the outpouring of support. Although the campaign has ended, please continue to keep the Brown family in your thoughts and prayers.

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