Reggie Jones

Reggie Jones has led an extremely full and successful life by anyone’s standards. When most would have lost hope when faced with so many obstacles, he has used them as motivation to triumph throughout his life.

As you can imagine, Reggie was greatly impacted by witnessing the horrific tragedy that happened to his brother, Wesley. At the age of twelve, he had to, in many ways, become an adult. He was faced not only with the normal teenage difficulties, but he also had to aid in his quadriplegic brother’s recovery and help to keep their family united. He excelled in the challenge to become a remarkable man.

Reggie’s career began at the age of nineteen as a line employee in a document management company. He married his wonderful wife, Dawn, and they had a daughter, Ashley, a few years later.

He thrived on the competition and fast-paced work environment to become a regional vice president for the company. He then took on the daunting task of co-founding a leading national document management company. Reggie and his partners successfully completed a transaction with United Parcel Service’s strategic fund. At that time, their company was only the twelfth business UPS had invested in over the last hundred years. 

Reggie exited the business and took the next six months to complete his first book. He then accepted the opportunity to run the Atlanta marketplace for the largest privately held document management company in the United States. His business accolades had him recognized in 2005 as the Young Business Leader of the Year.

While building this very successful career, he undertook the endeavor of beginning an outdoor television show, Unlimited Outdoors, with his brother, Wesley. He has been extremely influential in the company’s success. As Chief Marketing Officer of Unlimited Outdoors, he has helped to grow the popularity of the brand to a top rated TV show and expand the viewership to more than 70 million homes a week.

Reggie’s first book, entitled Triumph Over Tragedy, takes the reader on the chilling journey that followed Wesley’s accident to how far God has brought him and his family.

Reggie’s success, both personally and professionally, has opened the door for many speaking engagements. That encouraged the brothers to co-found Words of Triumph, a motivational speaking company.

Reggie has recently teamed with Wesley, once again, to take on a new challenge. They have co-founded Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation. Living through the tragedy of having a family member injured, and seeing how it can be so trying on a family, has inspired them to want to reach out and help families in the same situation. No one can fully relate to this situation unless they have personally lived it.

With Reggie’s personal insight and keen business sense, Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation is sure to become an integral part of the recovery process for victims, and the families of people with traumatic injuries and illnesses for many years to come.