Wesley Jones

Wesley Jones has come a long way since a tragic accident in 1987 left the then nine year old a quadriplegic. Being confined to an electric wheelchair at such an early age would have caused most people to give up hope, but not Wesley. He faced the immeasurable odds head on and decided he would not be defined by being in a wheelchair, but be defined by the life he led.

Although the road was long with several bumps along the way, Wesley has lived a very active and successful life. His love for, and desire to help, people has grown over the years since his accident. While in college, he majored in psychology and had plans to work with spinal cord injury victims. As graduation approached, he felt lead to try and inspire others on a much larger scale.

He took his passion for hunting and the outdoors to co-found Unlimited Outdoors with his brother, Reggie. Unlimited Outdoors is a weekly television show that documents Wesley’s travels and hunting adventures throughout the United States. He serves not only as Executive Producer but is the only handicapped host of a nationally aired outdoor television show in the country.

The show has grown tremendously in viewership and popularity in the last eight years since being picked out of more than 2000 entries for one of just a handful of open slots. Unlimited Outdoors has been the number one rated show on the network for the last four years. With the show now reaching more than 75 million homes a week, Wesley has touched more lives than the brothers could have ever imagined. His success behind the camera has been recognized as well.

He was chosen as an honorary member of the American Cinema Editors. This elite group includes industry leaders such as Clint Eastwood, George Lucas, and Steven Spielberg.

The premise of Unlimited Outdoors is much larger than that of a typical outdoor television show. Whether a person enjoys the sport of hunting or not, seeing Wesley overcome all the obstacles in his path and watching him push himself to his limits, all to enjoy his passion, can make anyone reassess their own trials and give them the courage and strength to triumph.

Unlimited Outdoors has given Wesley a platform to spread his message of his faith while showing the direct result of the power of determination. He believes that with hard work, and with God’s help, anything is possible.

With all of his success, Wesley has become a sought after motivational speaker from corporations, churches, schools, and other organizations. This lead the brothers to form a motivational speaking company, Words of Triumph. Between filming for Unlimited Outdoors and Words of Triumph speaking engagements, Wesley stays on the go. Whether it be the thousands of people in person, or the millions on television, so many people have been positively impacted by Wesley’s amazing inspirational story.

Knowing that the tragic accident he had so many years ago helped to shape him into the person he is today, Wesley has felt lead to give back directly to others who have faced similar hardships as his own. Wesley and Reggie have now teamed up to found Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation. Wesley has seen first-hand the impact of what a traumatic injury can have on a person and their family.

From his personal experience, he can help Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation to become a leader in building the family bond and renew their faith in order to help them through the healing process.